Breathing Problems Post Nose Job 2011

Had open septorhinoplasty with osteoctomy (March 2011) to remove hump in bridge,fix deviated septum and droopy nose.1st month everything was fine,but 5 months post surgery i cant breathe at all,lots of mucus buildup and stuffy,runny nose(retraction of some kind?).Bridge looks now too flat compared to tip. Tip lost definition and is now bulbous and looks pollybeak has formed.Nostrils are crooked and uneven especially the left nostril.Opinions would be appreciated.Am i candidate for revision?

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Breathing Issues After Septorhinoplasty

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Based upon the photos you provided and your description of your symptoms, this is likely what is going on:

  • The nasal dorsum was over-resected in the middle third, giving you a ski-jump deformity. 
  • In addition, it appears that the osteotomies were assymetric, so the nasal bones are out of alignment.
  • The left lateral cartilage has been over-resected leading to alar retraction along with collapse of the left external valve.
  • Finally, I suspect that you have scarring (synechia) inside of your nose in the area of the internal nasal valve. 

Now the good news, all of these things are correctable but will require adding cartilage back into the nose, usually from the ear.  Find a good revision rhinoplasty surgeon because this operation takes experience to do well.

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