Breathing Problems After 1 Year of Rhinoplastic?

Before i took this procedure i had problems with my breathing especially while at sleep and I still have them most of the times, especially from one nostrill and then the other, which depends on the side I am sleeping on. I already went to one of the doctors who did my surgery and told me not to worry, that the problem i am having is because of pollution and that i still have to use the nose sea spay and that the breathing should be better after some time using it.

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Breathing issue and rhinoplasty

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Whichever side you sleep on can be obstructed when sleeping. Some obstruction may not be a mechanical anatomic issue but physiologic related to mucosa thickening, allergies, pollutants, etc..

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Normal breathing after rhinoplasty.

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It is normal for whichever side you are sleeping on to be obstructed--in everyone. U can try the breath rite strips as well as running a humidifier in your room. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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