Breathing Problem- Surgery Has Made It Worse

I had two surgeries to correct my breathing problem. The last one was in June 2010. However, my breathing is significantly worse (from right side) compared to before. Is there any doctor that takes insurance in Houston that can help my breathing problem? I have no cosmetic issue! any recommendation? Thanks.

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See an ENT who has expertise in nasal breathing

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If you have had 2 surgeries already you really need to see someone whose expertise is JUST nasal breathing (ie a ear, nose throat doctor) as opposed to a plastic surgeon because you may have a more complex issue than just a septum deviation.  For example I have seen a narrowing of the boney structure or the back part of the nose, or potentially even polyps.

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Continued breathing difficulties after two nasal surgeries

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Most surgeons will bill for septoplasty or nasal surgery if this is the chief complaint and no cosmetic procedures are being done. The procedure can be pre-authorized by your insurance company and most ENT surgeons and facial plastic surgeons will do this procedure for insurance. I would suggest getting a copy of your previous operative reports and have those present when you consult another surgeon so a determination can be made of what actual procedures would most benefit you. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
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Nasal blockage after surgery

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To be better able to address your problem it would be helpful to know what surgical procedures were performed.  Either there has been synechiae (bands of scar) form, the septum is in a worse position than it was, or there is stenosis of the nasal valve.   My suggestion would be to go into the American Rhinologic Society website and look for member physicians in your area.  Without an examination it is impossible to accurately diagnose your condition.  Best of luck, Dr. Loury

Mark Loury, MD, FACS
Fort Collins Facial Plastic Surgeon

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