Is It Possible to Have Breathing and Laughing Problems from an Upper Diastasis Recti?

I have an upper abdominal muscle separation. My muscles are not touching at the top. And since this happened 3 years ago, I've been having breathing and laughing problems. I get real winded while laughing. I've been to all kinds of doctors about this and they have found nothing. But it happens and the only thing I can relate it to is my upper muscle separation. I separated them doing a plank when I was 9 months pregnant with a 9lbs baby. I felt them rip apart.

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Rectus Diastasis (abdominal muscle separation) causes discomfort with laughing or exertion

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There are external supportive type binders that can simulate a muscle repair that essentially function as a corset. Try these on and see if you experience reliief. If you do, a muscle repair may be a surgical option.

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