I have previous poor results. I Have Breathing Issues from a Septoplasty and Cosmetic Issues from a Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I've had two rhinoplasty's/septoplasty's with very poor results. The Dr. removed an inordinate amount of cartilage from my nose causing a breathing problem, indentation in my nose and sagging Tip. Is there any way a silicon implant could be used instead of cartilage from my ribs. I had silicon injected in my nose to remove the indentation and improve the overall look with no side effects.

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Auricular cartilage Batten and butterfly grafts


Looks like you have severe nasal valve collapse. Probably your best option is to harvest ear cartilage to open the nasal valve. I would use any artificial material in the tip.




Silicone after Septorhinoplasty x2

Over the past 35 years I avoid using silicone implants in the nose because of the risks of infection, movement, or extrusion especially in a patient with compromised circulation secondary to previous surgery.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Richard W. Fleming, MD
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