Serious Breathing Issues After Rhino/Septoplasty?

Surgery 6 weeks ago. Worse than the cosmetic issues is that I cannot breathe well. Bones settled off center towards the left. Tip overcorrected towards the left. Since the day I came out of surgery I can't breathe out of my left nostril. My right side is better but not like before, I didn't have any breathing issues before. I didn't have any cartilage grafts put anywhere. Doctor told me my turbinates are swolIen but I don't buy it. Cant go a year not breathing. Fixable sooner than 1yr?

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Breathing problems after Septorhinoplasty

Sometimes postoperative swelling can still cause some airflow issues 6 weeks after surgery. However, without photos or a face to face exam, It will be difficult to provide you with an accurate explanation of what may be going on with your nose. I recommend giving at least another 6 weeks before coming to any conclusion. If you are still having breathing problems and don't feel confident in your surgeon's assessment, then you can always find another surgeon to evaluate you. Revision septoplasties can be done sooner than a year. Thank you for sharing your concerns. Best wishes.

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