Do You Recommend A Breast Lift or Something Different For Asymmetry and Droopiness?

I never realized how uneven my breast were until seeing this pic. Which is better for me a breast lift or something else?

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Breast lift for asymmetry?

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That's a great question! The bottom line is virtually all of us are asymmetric, and virtually all women have some asymmetry from one breast to the other. Sometimes it can be addressed with different implant volumes, and sometimes with a breast lift (with or without implants). And it's very important to remember that you will always have some degree of asymmetry (think of your breasts as sisters, not identical twins!).  It's very important for you to meet with at least one board certified plastic surgeon who will examine you and discuss your situation and your goals with you in detail. I hope this helps and wish you all the best!

Breast Lifting?

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Thank you for the question.

Breast asymmetry can be improved significantly ( although they will never be exactly the same) with breast lifting and/or breast augmentation surgery. It would be in your best interest to meet with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate successful outcomes for patients like yourself. 

Best wishes.

Breast Lift Surgery explained

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Although I cannot see the photo that you’re referring to, plastic surgeons are often able to address breast asymmetry during breast lift surgery. During a breast lift procedure excess skin is removed, and the surrounding skin is tightened to create a rounder, more lifted breast. If there is a case of breast asymmetry, the surgeon will remove more excess skin and tissue from the larger breast in order to increase symmetry. At times, a breast implant is used during breast lift surgery to add volume to the sagging breast, in which case a surgeon could insert different sized breast implants in order to achieve symmetry.


Breast Augementation - Do You Recommend A Breast Lift or Something Different For Asymmetry and Droopiness?

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Hi - I cannot see your photos.  In general, though, a breast lift is recommended - and sometimes required - depending upon the extent of sagging (also called droopiness or, in medical terms, "ptosis").  Although a breast implant will fill out the existing tissue and provide a very small degree of lift (it really "fills out" more than "lifts;" the nipple rotates upwards only slightly) you cannot rely on an implant along to do more than that.  You may not want to have a lift, and you can - of course - choose not to have one.  But expecting the results of a lift without having one is a setup for disappointment.

Asymmetry is common (it is, arguably, "the norm").  Using different sized implants, adjusting the lifts, and doing a lift on only one side are among the options for minimizing asymmetry.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Breast lift vs breast augmentation

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You photo did not upload.  A breast lift is designed to reshape the breast, a breast augmentation is designed to increase the size of the breast, and a a breast resuction of course is to reduce the breast.  Uneven breasts that have similar volumes can be improved by a breast lift, uneven breasts with different volumes can be improved by either augmentation, reduction, or both.  Often a breast lift is also added if the areola location is not ideal or dramatically different from one side to the other.

All the best,

D Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift

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A breast lift and different size implants can improve uneveness. The photo did not show up. It is not possible to evaluate you without an examination. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon would be your best bet.

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