Breasts Tenderness and Swelling After 11 Months Ba?

ohhhh,soooo tender and swollen both breasts are(11 months ago had a ba sub glandular)....just like we feel before period but this tenderness has been lasting for the last 2 months....24/7...i cant do no more :TRISTE: the nurse(on the phone) told me it can be hormonal...nothing to do with the implants cuz they are not hard and i have no fever...not so sure not getting any better.Plz help.

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Persistent pain after breast augmentation

One of the most common complaints after breast surgery are either persistent pain or chronic pain. Chronic pain after a breast augmentation is a neglected problem in the Plastic Surgery community but a real issue for the patients. There are many ways in which a persistent pain manifests, and it is not completely clear what is the cause or the mechanism.  The international association for the study of pain defines chronic pain as persistent, continuous or intermittent pain for more than three months after surgery and is differentiated from postoperative pain.

The most common cause of persistent pain is what is called neuropathic pain. This pain is  secondary to nerve injury during the procedure. During a breast augmentation, there is some nerve damage either by cutting nerve fibers during the dissection of the breast pocket or because the nerve is stretched when the implant is inflated. But what some patients perceive as  soreness, others describe it as a shooting pain. I have seen various forms of neuropathic pain in my practice, including burning sensation, sensation of pin and needles, shooting pain. The pain can be spontaneous or evoked by lightly touching the skin, which is a condition called allodynia.

Some prospective studies (questionnaires sent to patients after surgery) have shown very consistent results. A recent study published in 2011 in the European Journal of Pain examined the patients’ pain after a breast augmentation surgery. The following were some of the findings:

1. 42% reported chronic pain (Similar to other studies which show a prevalence of 25% - 38%)
2. Pain is mostly mild but 9.5 % had moderate to severe pain.
3. 6.3 % regretted the cosmetic surgery due to pain

Overall satisfaction with breast agumentation is very high, and although persistent pain is frequent, most patients are not affected by it.

Discuss and describe to your surgeon the type of pain you are experiencing. There are certain medications that can help, including gabapentin, anti-inflammatory agents, topical agents, and tricyclic antidepressants.

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Breast tenderness after breast augmentation

Hello ~

Experiencing pain and discomofort following breast augmentation is not uncommon and may indeed last several months.  While I don't have the luxury of examining you primarily, assuming the exam was found to be normal, it is possible that cause of your discomfort is indeed hormonal, especially if it is bilateral.  As my colleagues mentioned, you should follow up with your surgeon for an evaluation and management plan.

Kindest Regards ~

Glenn Vallecillos, M.D., F.A.C.S. 

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Breast pain

Based on your description I would definitely suggest that you get an opinion from another doctor, just to be sure.

Scott E. Newman, MD, FACS
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Breast pain 1 year after Breast Augmentation

Hi there-

From your description and photos, it would not be possible to give a responsible assessment of what the cause of your problem is... An exam and knowledge of the surgical procedure would be required.

Please go see your surgeon at your next convenience. After an exam, they will be best qualified to advise you on cause and possible management.

Good luck!

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
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Breast tenderness

You should have the surgeon that placed your implants evaluate your breasts to rule out any issues.  Donald R. Nunn  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Tenderness and swelling 11 months after implants

You should definitely go back and be examined by your surgeon.  It may be hormonal or you may have some other process going on.  You may require further tests or imaging to see what is causing this. 

Marialyn Sardo, MD
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Breast Tenderness

Although your implants are not likely to be the source of your tenderness, I still think it would be worthwhile to have your surgeon examine your breasts. If you do not have pain with movement of your implants but your breast tissue is tender, it may be hormonal. Further testing may be indicated.

Richard Linderman, MD
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Breast Augmentation tenderness

While it's not uncommon to have some tenderness that can last up to months or a year after a breast augmentation, your circumstances deserve further attention by your physician. Remember, while implants are extremely safe, they are still foreign material placed into the body. As such, our immunity from time to time can cause many similar symptoms that you're feeling. Consult with your surgeon who can then better direct to the specialist who can further work up your concerns. 

Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, MD
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Breast Tenderness after Breast Augmentation

You are almost 1 year out from surgery so I wouldn't suspect that your "tenderness" is from the surgery either BUT a physical examination might help with making the correct assessment.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Breast discomfort 11 months post augmentation

Usually these types of symptoms dissipate be now. It is possible this is related to hormones or the nerves still recovering from being stretched. Your photograph suggests that large implants were placed. I suggest you consult with your plastic surgeon. Perhaps, an anti- inflammatory medication may be helpful, but this would depend on you being evaluated by a physician to make sure this would be an appropriate course of care.

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