Breasts still square and uneven at 4 months PO. Will my breasts continue to round out? (photo)

Lift and 450cc silicone, high profile implants under muscle with Bellini lift. Rt. breast was always tighter and appeared "pulled". At 4 mos. rt. breast is still smaller and doesn't seem to have "dropped" as much. Nipples don't seem to as symmetrical and centered as I would have liked (seem low). Will breasts continue to round out? Will I benefit from continuing to massage at this late stage? Does wearing a bra 24/7 affect any of this? I am afraid to go without one for fear of permanent sagging! Both still seem too firm.

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4 months post-op Benelli lift and implants.

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Without examination, I cannot assess degree of firmness, but your 4 month photographs show a very good result for a Benelli (Bellini is a martini) lift plus implants. I do not see the squareness (boxiness) that you describe, but your photo is with your arms raised somewhat.

I can tell you that "average" time for complete scar maturation is around 7 months, so the bell-shaped curve that will contain most patients will let you understand why surgeons tell patients it takes 6-12 months for most to reach full scar maturity, softness, and settling of implant position. So, yes, things will still change, but not by a huge amount. If you have smooth implants, "massage" (actually, implant displacement exercises to help keep the implant pockets slightly larger than the implants themselves) will help.

Wearing a bra will help support you new breasts' weight, but gravity affects 100% of us 100% of the time. If you were told that you would have areolas that were "centered," then you were "oversold" on the amount of "lift" a Benelli can achieve. If you wanted more lift, a full Wise mastopexy would have been necessary, but would have required more scarring and would still sag and re-droop over time.

Bottom line here--large(r) breasts will droop and sag over time--no surgeon or surgical technique in existence can overcome this. Without your pre-op photos it's impossible to assess the degree of improvement your surgeon has achieved for you, but I must say that by most any experienced plastic surgeon's standards, this is really an excellent result that you should be proud of, not upset or concerned about. Honest!

I'd try to relax about your results, send your surgeon a nice note of thanks (really), and be patient as you see your final result evolve. There is no anti-gravity operation yet available, no matter how much you or I wish there was! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Breast Shape After Breast Augmentation And Breast Lift

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It's important to understand that wound healing following the combination of breast augmentation and breast lift surgery is a dynamic process that continues for a year following surgery. During this time, swelling resolves, soft tissue softens, inflammation decreases and muscles relax. This ultimately results in significant changes in the appearance of a woman's breasts.

Your post-operative pictures suggest a relatively good result. Although your right breast appears to be slightly constricted and high relative to the opposite side, this might improve with the passage of time. In some cases, massage and the use of a superior bandeau might help soften the breasts and allow them to round out.

If you're unhappy with the shape of your breasts after 6 months, revisional surgery may be indicated. Under these circumstances, consultation with your plastic surgeon is appropriate. Your surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that addresses your anatomic findings and achieves your aesthetic goals.

Breasts 4 months after Benelli lift and implants

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Thank you for your question.  Actually your result looks quite good for a Benelli lift with implants.

I agree that the right side needs to drop further and if it has not been the next 2 or 3 months then a revision may be necessary.  Considering the limitations of the Benelli lift your result looks quite good.

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