Causes of Premature Sagging of Breasts and Darkening?

What causes breasts to sag prematurely and become very dark? I'm 18 years old and I haven't been pregnant before.

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Causes of premature breast sagging and darker pigmentation

Occasionally paigmentary changes can be associated with hormone supplements and/or oral contraceptives. Massive weight gain and loss can also cause variations in pigment and premature sagging.

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Breast Sagging

It has to do with your genes.  Eventhough it is common to before breast lift on women who have had kids and breast feeds, we do occasionally see younger women who reguire a lift at an early age.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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Breasts sagging

Sagging of the breasts can be due to poor quality tissues, genetics, significant fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, among several things.  Pigmentation issues most likely are genetic.  

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Breast changes

What is your family history and your ethnicity? I have seen several young women in the past year who were quite young and with very sagging (ptotic) breasts and there was a strong family history. Are you on birth control pills? Do you take any other medicines? What is your sun exposure history to the breasts? What is your breast size and are your breasts still developing or have they stopped?

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