Breasts Paralyzed After Breast Reduction?

I had my breast reduction surgery done 6 years ago when I was 19, From a 38 FFF to at 36 D. The majority of my breasts have little to no feeling at all. I do however have sensations in my nipples, I told my surgeon and he said that having sensation in my nipples is what's really important and the rest of my breast should eventually get feeling within a out a year. Seeing as that its been such a long time, did I ruin my breasts? Should I give up hoping that the nerves will ever heal?

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Breast reduction and sensation

If you are now 6 years out from surgery, you will more than likely not be getting any further sensation back in the tissues.

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Loss of Sensation after Breast Reduction?

Although it is possible that you will experience a very gradual return of some sensation to the skin of the breasts,  realistically speaking ( given that you are 6 years out of your breast reduction surgery)   if there is any return of sensation it will be relatively small and slow to come.

Given your description of breast size before and after surgery, hopefully you have reaped many of the benefits of having undergone the breast reduction surgery. In other words, hopefully you do not feel that your breasts were “ruined”.

Best wishes.

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Breast Reduction and no feeling?

This is highly unusual.  The majority of patients get most of the feeling back after a year.  I would consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) to discuss this problem.  Be sure to take a copy of your operative report to your consultation.  Your medical records belong to you, so you should have no problem getting copies of them from your past surgery.

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