What Are Side Effects of Implant Leakage from Personal Injury?

Febuary 16th I got saline breast implants. (400cc). March 3rd I was 3rd car stopped,while car was waiting to turn. The car behind me stopped, car approaching hit car behind me and the car behind me hit me. One of my breast hit the steering wheel of my yukon. went to plastic surgeon immediatley and we keep eye on it. Yesterday was my follow up appointments and I have a leak. at least 100cc. told me needed to remove in 30 -45 dys. what are the side affects of leakage? any known lawsuits on this?

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No danger from a leaking implant, saline or silicone.

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Saline implants, when they fail, result in an obvious deflation.  These can be replaced at any time.  Most women want this done expeditiously for obvious reasons.  I have had patients who had to delay replacement for months due to conflict issues.  There is no health compromise by doing this.

Breast Revision

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The leakage from a saline implant is a safe leak.  The fluid is salt water, like that found in your body and is harmless.  Lawsuits for the leak would have difficulty proving any damage.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Safety of saline implants

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One of the benefits of saline implants is that if they leak or rupture, it is simply salt water that gets absorbed by the body. The actual replacement is easy. The previous incision is opened, the deflated implant is removed and a new implant filled to the desired volume is replaced. Scars tend to heal well though your scarring from a re-do will have to be monitored once again. Replacement can be done any time, though most women prefer earlier rather than late repalcement to avoid the emotional trauma of the resulting asymmetry due to the leakage.

Peter T. Pacik, MD (retired)
Manchester Plastic Surgeon

Deflating Saline Implant

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The leakage of your saline implants will easily be absorbed by your body and Will cause you no harm. Replacement is a relatively easy procedure but the longer you wait the more the pocket contracts so you may need some minor pocket revision. Again there is no harm is waiting.

Richard Linderman, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Deflated breast implant from Car Accident

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Saline in the implant will be absorbed by your  body... there is no harm in that regards.  It is not a emergency to have a deflated implant removed and replaced so whenever things calm down for you in regards to the car accident, you can talk  to your surgeon regarding the revisionary surgery.  Also, breast implant companies offer a free implant and a stipend to return to the operating room for deflated breast implants - ask you surgeon for more information.

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Deflated saline implants

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Saline will be absorbed by your body; it is safe.  It is not urgent to replace the deflated implant right away.  Make sure that you do not have any other injuries from the accident; then, you should undergo surgery to replace your deflated implant.

Saline implant rupture and safety.

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The saline from the implant is absorbed by your body leading to a gradual deflation of breast size on that side. The saline will continue to leak and be absorbed until it is gone. Surgery is required to replace the ruptured implant.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Leaking implant after injury

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The effect of a leaking or collapsed saline implant is related only to your skin envelope and how much it contracts due to collpase of the volume within.  Saline itself is completely harmless.

I usually advise patients to have leaking/deflated implants replaced as soon as possible to avoid contractures that may make symmetry harder to achieve.


In terms of a lawsuit: your damages are related to the cost of replacing the implant.

Saline leaks

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A saline implant leak will result in absorption of the sterile solution by the body. The result is a flat breast on the side of the deflation.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Side effect from saline implant leaks

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The nice thing about the saline implant is the safely profile. When a leak occurs the salt water is absorbed harmlessly, without any side effects.  At some point you will wish to replace the leaking implant, and 45 days is not a magic number though you may feel better about things if you replace the implant sooner rather than later.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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