Breasts Too Full Up Top Post Breast Augumentation, is This Normal? Allegran 325 CC Round/Textured. (photo)

I am 1 day post op I know its very early but just wanted advice. My breasts are quite high and full up the top and the bottom is quite empty which is giving my breasts a weird droopy oval shape instead of round. I was wondering if theyre supposed to look like that? im aware we need to allow time for the implant to settle & drop but would like to know if its normal for breasts to look this way 1 day post op and if they impants look like they've been postioned correctly?

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One day postop

Do not worry. you are only 1 day after surgery.  It is normal to have postoperative swelling in the upper pole of your breasts.  Depending on the technique utilized, the swelling can take 2-6 weeks to resolve.   I'm sure you'll love your results in a few weeks.  Best of luck! Dr. Basu Houston, TX

One day post op is too early to judge results from breast augmenation

Thank you for your question and photographs. You are correct in that it is too early to judge your results from surgery. Immediately after surgery, you should have a lot of fullness on top of your breasts; otherwise, when the implants 'settle,' they may wind up too low and you would have a problem with 'bottoming out.'  Based on your photographs, I think that they look fine and, once the settle into place, you should not look like the implants are too high. You need to be patient and trust your surgeon.

James McMahan, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants should ride high in the beginning

Don't worry.  Your breast implants are where they should be, this early after breast augmentation.  Generally, they ride high and can feel very hard.  It takes 6-weeks and sometimes 3 months for them to generally settle to where they should be, so put your mind at ease.  If they looked perfect on the 1st day after surgery, they will end up looking too low after they settle.  

Richard H. Lee, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Implants Riding High on Chest Wall after Breast Augmentation Normal?

Thank you for your question and photos.

It is too early (1 day post op) in the recovery process to worry.  It is quite normal for breast implants to ride high immediately after surgery.  It may take 3-6 months (sometimes longer) for the breast implants to settle into their pocket and for you to see the final results.

Keep your follow up appointments with your surgeon and allow him/her to help you through the recovery process.

Best wishes.

Breasts Too Full Up Top Post Breast Augumentation, is This Normal?

Based on your pictures and the fact that you are only one day out from the augmentation, I believe you will do very well.  Relax, protect the surgical sites, follow your postoperative instructions and congratulations on your breast augmentation.

Garrett A. Wirth, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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One Day Post-op Breast Augmentation

Whether the implant is over the muscle or partially under the muscle the upper pole can look more exaggerated.  This will always settle and look better.

Breasts Too Full Up Top Post Breast Augumentation, is This Normal? Allegran 325 CC Round/Textured.

The posted photos show exactly a one day postoperative submuscular augmentation. The muscle is in a contracted state so the implants appear to be riding high. Allow at least a few months for healing and ask your chosen surgeon if it is OK to massage them in the inferior or downward direction. 

Breasts Too Full Up Top Post Breast Augumentation, is This Normal?

It is quite normal for the implants to look high at day one, and these implants appear properly positioned.  It is way to early to be worried about implant position. Stay in touch with your surgeon, and follow instructions

Best wishes.

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