My Breasts Are Flat Post Reconstruction/Revison

I had bilateral mastectomies with immediate bilateral reconstruction with implants and free nipple grafts 1 week ago. I had 600 cc saline implants before the surgery which were replaced with 800 cc silicone. My breasts are flat and oddly shaped. Will the implants drop like they did after my first surgery and will my breasts become less flat?

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Breast reconstruction revision

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It can be very difficult to give a implant breast reconstruction projection.  Devices that are shaped and fat grafting can help!

Three basic forms of breast reconstruction exist. You can use your own tissue, implants or a combination of the previous two techniques. Your own tissue can be used in the form of the DIEP flap, PAP flap, SGAP flap or fat grafting. Implants can be done in one stage or two stage. Two stage reconstructions are started by placing expanders at the time of mastectomy. Once they expanders are placed they are able to be inflated as determined by wound healing. The final time consists of combining any of the above techniques.

If you are interested in being seen in Austin please give us a call. I know this is a difficult time for you. The majority of my practice is devoted to reconstruction for women with breast cancer or who are BRCA+

Breast Shape After Breast Reconstruction with Breast Implants: Same Principles

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It looks like you likely need a mastopexy or breast lift. Breast shaping principles apply for both cosmetic and reconstruction patients, but the only difference in maintaining skin viability in the post-mastectomy patient, but nipple movement should be straightforward. You would likely need lifting and tightening of the skin, but I would recommend doing this after you are healed. I hope this helps. Dr. Trussler

Assess your results based on your reconstructive problem

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For the type of breast shape you have and the fact of the mastectomies, you have a superb result--symmetrical, normal skin, excellent scar placement, and a normal shape.  Congratulations to your surgeon.  I hope that you will be able to appreciate what you and your surgeon have achieved.

Mark B. Constantian, MD, FACS
Nashua Plastic Surgeon

Breast Reconstruction

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Your breasts look recently reconstructed.  Give it time to settle in and get its final shape.  800cc implants are pretty large and will drop.
Patience is key at this stage
Martin Jugenburg, MD


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Remember you had a MASTECTOMY and reconstruction.


Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Un happy post mastectomy result

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Dear Queenofdiamunds,

From your photos I congratulate your surgeon on a great outcome.  Reviewing the chart on my desk, the largest implant on the list is 800ccs.  Perhaps after a year you could request that some custom larger implant be special ordered to replace your current implants.  Until then I would focus on your overall health.  Good luck

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

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