Breasts Are Misshapen and Low After Implants

My breasts appear disc-like and they sit quite low 3 weeks after surgery. Is this normal? 29 years of age. 5'5" 128 lbs. Small upper frame. 375cc high profile silicon subfacial implant from transaxillary. Breasts were previously symmetrical.

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Pocket dissected down too low

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It appears the the IMF was dissected down to low and this has caused this abnormal appearance.  To correct the problem you will most likely need an inferior capsule repair that  can not be done via the TA incision. 

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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PHOTO: Breasts Are Misshapen and Low After (Transax) Implants

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It appears that your anatomic crease was disrupted by the implants and they are now falling below this anatomic landmark. It will likely eventually require caspsulorrhaphy. You could try taping and uderwire reinformcment but that does not hav a high likelihood of success.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Revision transax

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It looks like the implants are too low and the folds need to be reinforced.  You need a revision and you should talk to your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Need Revision

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Hmmm.  I am not a huge fan of transax augs because of malposition problems.  It appears the the implants sit well below your natural fold.  This is unlikely to improve.  I would give your tissues some time to recover then repositioning the implants beneath the muscle (+/- recreation of fold) is warranted. This must be accomplished through a crease incision (Your tradeoff for better breast shape).

Good Luck.

Dr. ES

Transaxillary Breast Augmentation NOT for Everyone!

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It is always hard to make a judgement without seeing someone's preop photos and only one post op, but it certainly it appears that your implants are sitting too low.  The distance from your nipple to your inframammary fold appears too long, meaning the implants are sitting to low.  This can be one of the problems with the transaxillary incision - you do not have accurate control of exactly where those implants are going to sit if you have to alter the fold at all.  This is why surgeons need to be very selective about who is an appropriate candidate and who is not.  I would give it a full three months of healing up and then address it with your surgeon.

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