Saggy/Deflated C Cup, Want Large D Cup. What Do You Recommend if I Want the Least Bounce?

I'm very active and want to wear small bra tops while working out. I noticed some women have wjp implants breasts sit in place with no bounce even when they are jumping up and down in a bikini top. My natural breasts fall out of small work out bra tops when I skip etc. My breasts are naturally a C but are saggy/deflated. I would like a large D and likely need a lift. What type of implants/placement should I get to achieve what I want? I want as little movement as possible. I'm 5'3, 120 lb

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Sagging and large D cup volume

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I agree that not much can be recommended without an exam and that a large D cup is asking for the problems you are trying to avoid. The female chest is built to handle A, B, and C cup size breasts -- D cup or larger is by definition out of proportion and can cause problems of weight and support -- this is the justification for insurance coverage of breast reductions. 

I would recommend a properly done lift (mastopexy) to get the breast balanced and centered and then see if you still want/need an augmentation with an implant. Lifts will not tighten the skin or increase tissue tone but a properly positioned and balanced breast looks better and fits clothes better. The size/volume of the breast is a separate issue I find best dealt with after the sagginess is corrected. 

Boulder Plastic Surgeon

"Bounce" not a good deciding factor for breast enhancement

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If you augment your breasts to a "D" cup, you will never wear small bra tops. The heavier the breasts, the more skin excess you have and the more the breasts will "bounce" unless they have a capsular contraction. Deciding size of an implant, position and whether or not a lift is necessary should be based on your desires, not whether or not your breasts will bounce around.

Donna Rich, MD
Webster Plastic Surgeon
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Wants D cup, but no bounce

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A physical examination would be required to give you the best advice.  Anytime you have a larger breast ( C and up) you will have some bounce with physical activity. To minimize the movement it would be important to have the impants under the muscle and to tighten the skin as much as possible.  You would also want to make sure you are wearing well fitting bras and workout supportive garments.

Marialyn Sardo, MD
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon
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Correcting saggy, deflated breasts with implants.

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It sounds like the larger portion of your problem is the relaxed skin envelope and sagging. It is unlikely that breast augmentation alone will change that significantly. A combination of breast lifting with a silicone or saline implant under the pectoral muscle is likely to give you the best result. However an exam would be needed to confirm that opinion. Best of Luck   Dr Harrell

Breast implants

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Without an exam, it is impossible to suggest what would be the best implant for you. As for shaking, it really depends upon the quality of your tissues.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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