Will My Breast Implants Look Bigger Once They Are Settled?

I had my removal and replacement surgery due to capsular contraction 2 days ago. I started with 325 mod+ silicone overs now I have 350 mod+ silicone unders (sub-pectoral) and my breasts look significantly smaller than pre-op. I don't think I have much swelling. After my first BA I was really swollen and as days/weeks went by my breasts got progressively smaller. Should I expect the same this time? I'm surprised at how small they are and confused about drop & fluff that I keep reading about.

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You will look smaller than before the revision

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A capsular contracture makes you look artificially bigger so when the scar is removed, you will look smaller even with the same sized implants and 25 cc is basically the same size.  Plus going under the muscle takes away about 50 cc of visible volume so you will probably look even smaller in the end after this revision.

Breast implants will will smaller after a plane-switch

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Your implants will look smaller in the sub-muscular position- you up-sized by about 25 cc, not enough to notice a real difference. I ususally bump implant volumes by at least 50 cc when doing a plane-switch procedure. The muscle tends to diminish the apparent volume of implants. When the implants 'drop' you will notice more volume in the lower pole of your breasts, but the volume you see now is the volume you'll have long-term.

Implant exchange and going over to under

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At this time, I suspect that you have significant muscle spasm which is compressing the implants and making them appear smaller.

That all said, you may note a slightly smaller breast than before due to several things including tissue removal, and going under the muscle.

Do breasts look the same after dropping?

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Two things happen and seem paradoxical. As as the swelling goes down there will be some shrinkage but at the same time as the muscle relaxes your breast projection grows. In general the breast shape and size proportionality improves..

Breast implants initially after surgery when placed in a submuscular position often give superior fullness that corrects itself with time, the "fluff and drop" phenomena. In reality the pectoralis major muscle takes a while to adjust its size to accommodate the implant as well as occasional muscle spasm which keeps the implant projection higher than its final resting shape. Additional variables include:laxity of skin, size difference during prior pregnancies, position of implant,size of muscle, and size of implant.
As the muscle relaxes the projection of the implant often increases and the breast shape improves. Massage and use of a superior placed elastic strap can often make this process go faster.

Appearance after implant exchange

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Since you maintained essentially the same size (25 cc is not a significant difference, then you will actually appear smaller after you move from overs to unders, and after you resolve the capsular contracture (which provides an artificially large appearance).

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Will my Breast Implants Look Bigger Once They Are Settled?

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Will my Breast Implants Look Bigger Once They Are Settled? In most instances they will look smaller.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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If you had a capsular contracture, your implants were probably pushed up, now they will be coming down and may look a bit different, but sholdn\'t be smaller

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

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