Breasts Too Far Apart 10 Days After Implants, What Can I Do?

I had BA surgery 10 days ago and I am very surprised at how far apart they are. My surgeon suggested I massage the implants towards the center of my chest to get them closer and improve my cleavage, which I just started doing but it is still pretty painful and tight to massage them like that. He also suggested I wear a sports bra that doesn't push them up, but squeezes them together, but it feels pretty tight, and I am worried that squishing them together like this will harm my outcome. Thanks!

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How to improve cleavage with too-far-apart implants.

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Tanya, I'm sorry to hear of your concerns, but can tell you that things will almost certainly change as time goes by, and healing and stretching occur. Hopefully for the better, but without photos, it's hard to give you advice that may be better than your own surgeon's advice. And of course, he has a vested interest in your result, so that should carry some weight as well.

All that being said, massage is unlikely to correct a pocket that has been created too far apart, implants that are higher profile than ideal base diameter for your breast base measurement (lower profile implants have more width and may--if higher profile implants were used--have been a better choice to come together closer in the middle), or if they were positioned too far laterally to begin with.

Wearing a stretch bra may well stretch the pockets medially, improving cleavage a bit, but maybe at the cost of "closing-down" the lateral pocket. So this may be OK advice, but also may simply be giving you something to do without any real hope of dealing with the underlying concern. Your implants should be centered below your nipple-areola complexes, not just shifted towards the center, where your nipples will then begin to look "wall-eyed." The solution for too-narrow implants is lower profile or larger implants (or both), but this is assuming the position is centered beneath the nipples properly.

Without more information, any of us here is just guessing, so you have to trust in your surgeon. If what he's saying just doesn't seem to make sense, any other surgeon will need to examine you and can give you further advice accordingly. Best wishes!

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Mo' Cleavage

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Sometimes it is not possible to produce more cleavage by having the implants closer together because the natural breast are not normally close.  This expectation is best discussed prior to surgery to that everyone has the same understanding prior to surgery.  I would give results more time before you pass final judgement on the overall result.

Dr. ES

Breasts too wide

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Some patients have very wide cleavage and this is because of anatomicla variations. Using a bra to psuh them together may or may not help.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breasts Too Far Apart after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

The results seen after breast augmentation will depend on every patient's specific/unique anatomy. In some cases, where there is naturally a wide space between the breasts, it is not possible to achieve “improved cleavage”. Remember, that the nipple/areola complexes must be centered on each breast mound. If the surgeon tries to get the breast implants closer to the mid line in order to improve cleavage he/she runs the risk of creating an implant malposition problem. This could potentially result in the need for further surgery.

I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon for specific advice.

Breast Augmentation Postoperative Result

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It sounds like your implants need some support and I would follow your surgeon's instructions.  unfortunately, the implants are not likely to move centrally during the healing process, but only time will tell.  Make sure you express your concerns to your surgeon.  Sometimes chest shape and breast position can affect the surgeon's ability to position the implants more toward the center.

Jeff Scott, MD
Everett Plastic Surgeon

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