Breastfeeding Has Ruined the Look of my Implants, How Can They Realistically Be Improved?

I had my implants 6.5 years ago to correct asymmetrical breasts and had different volumes in each breast. Breastfeeding has destroyed the look of my breasts. The implants are drooping and due to tissue loss the ripples in the drooping implants are clearly visible on the outside. Basically it looks like each breast has 4-5 one centimetre thick lines down each of them. I returned to my surgeon who said this result could never have been predicted and said there was nothing he could do. Is it true?

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Improving Breasts Changed after Breast Feeding?

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Thank you for the question.

Without direct examination or viewing pictures it is not possible to give you precise advice. However, it is unlikely that some type of revisionary breast surgery  could not be planned out to improve your situation. This surgery  may involve maneuvers such as breast lifting, manipulation of the breast implant pocket and/or breast implant type/size or the use of acellular dermal matrix.

Exactly what will be recommended will depend on your  physical examination and goals. I would suggest that you seek consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.

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