Breastfeeding and botox. Is it safe to resume?

I stopped breastfeeding after 8 months, and I treated myself with a botox treatment. Is it possible to resume breastfeeding, if I continue to pump and dump to keep my milk production up. If so, after how long would it be safe to resume breastfeeding?

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Breastfeeding and Botox

I would avoid having Botox while you are breastfeeding.  There are no studies to support its safety during pregnancy and I would avoid taking any risks.

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Breastfeeding and botox. Is it safe to resume?

Botox is generally not considered unsafe for breastfeeding women, but it is not recommended. I would suggest fully finishing with breastfeeding before receiving anymore injections. 

Daniel Shapiro, MD
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Botox and breast feeding

  • Should you resume breast feeding?  Consult your pediatrician and OB-GYN.
  • Botox cosmetic injections into the face should not have any breast feeding effect after a week.
  • You should not get Botox again until you have permanently stopped breast feeding. Best wishes. 

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Breastfeeding and Botox

In truth, it is not recommended to have Botox and breastfeed. I personally don't treat people with Botox when I know they are breastfeeding. While there is not medical proof the Botox would enter your bloodstream and get to your baby, why chance it? Wait until you are 100% done breastfeeding to get Botox. And follow-up with your child's pediatrician on when you should begin breastfeeding again - I'm sure this won't be the first time the question is asked of him/her!

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Within a day you can safely

resume breastfeeding...botox doesn't remain in the body very's cleared very fact there's so little that reaches the blood that if you didn't stop at all, the likelihood of a measurable concentration of botox reaching the blood, then the breast milk is too small to worry about...but in our society, give yourself a day and don't worry.

Ken Landow, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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