Breastfeeding After Implant Removal?

I recently had my breast implants removed (500cc silicone under the muscle, via areola incision). I would like to become pregnant very soon, but I am hoping to breastfeed, so I am willing to wait if nerve regeneration will better my chances of successful breastfeeding. My nipples look very damaged, stretched out, however, my left nipple still produces a tiny bit of milk if squeezed, as I nursed two years ago. Will waiting make a difference in my chances of breastfeeding successfully?

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Breastfeeding after breast augmentation or breast implant revision

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The ability to breastfeed will likely depend on whether your lactiferous ducts were damaged at any point during your surgery.  A recommendation should be made to wait a few months after your surgery before attempting lactation in order to maximize healing and sensitivity. Surgery90210

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Breastfeeding After Implant Removal

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Hello. Waiting after implant removal will not increase your ability to successfully breastfeed. An incision to the areola carries a higher risk of damaging the breast duct, which is the only way that breastfeeding can be impacted in your situation. If you breastfed with implants in you are likely to be able to breastfeed after you recover from the removal.


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Waiting will not change the chances of you breast feeding.If you breasTfed before there 's a great chance you won't have any issues.

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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Breast feeding after Breast Implant Removal?

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Thank you for the question.

I do not believe that waiting will necessarily improve your chances of successfully breast-feeding.

Best wishes for a successful pregnancy and breast-feeding experience.

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