I had silicone implants placed under the muscle 4 years ago. Can I Breastfeed with Implants?

I had silicone implants placed under the muscle 4 years ago. They were put in throught the nipple and I also had a slight breast lift. If I have a baby should I be able to breastfeed? I have children that I breastfed before the surgery.

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Breast feeding after implants

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Breast implants usually do not interfere with breast feeding. Many women are surprised that they can still breast feed after a breast augmentation. There are 2 ways of inserting an implant. The most common position for an implant is under the pectoralis muscle. In this case this large muscle separates the implant from the breast tissue. In other cases the implant is place above the muscle, but even in these cases the implant is behind the breast and usually does not interfere with breast feeding. 

Can I breast feed after having breast augmentation?

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The short answer is, probably. I usually tell my breast augmentation patients that if they are very concerned about being able to breast feed that an inframammary incision is probably better. That being said plenty of patients with nipple incisions are able to breast feed. In general data shows that about 75% of all women can breast feed effectively, and about 50% of women with breast implants. Adding a breast lift can certainly cut more milk ducts but it depends on the individual patient. Regardless of the incision placement it's definitely safe to breast feed with implants and I would definitely try if it's important to you. Best of luck, Dr. Kerr

Breast feeding after implants...

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It is common for women to have children at some point following a breast augmentation.  The breast tissue should continue to function normally after breast augmentation so they will be able to breastfeed after childbirth without a problem.  Many women undergo breast augmentation surgery because of small breasts and occasionally, women with small breasts have trouble producing milk.  The surgery should have no bearing on that ability, however.  Be sure to discuss any questions you have with your surgeon.

Can I Breast feed with Implants?Answr:

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In the case of just a straightforward Breast Augmentation under the muscle, there should be no problem to breast feed. Factors that can alter this are some types of lifts, and some incisions can have a possible, if minimal effect, such as periareolar. It would be very rare, but possible.

Breast feeding with breast implants

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More likely than you will be able to nurse since you were able to do so in the past. It is a safe option for your baby. What is not known is what your breasts will look like after nursing again...will you need larger implants, a re-do of your lift, or nothing at all?

Ann F. Reilley, MD (retired)
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

Breast Feeding after Breast Augmentation

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In going through the lower part of the breast to place the implants, some of the breast ducts are cut. However, MANY women who have had the peration go on to breast feed without any difficulties. Only time will tell.

Good Luck.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Beast feeding possible after implants

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Since you were able to breast feed prior children, you should still be able to breast feed after augmentation.  However, it may depend on the actual technique your surgeon used.  You say that the implants were placed through the nipple and you had a lift as well.  This may mean that more cutting was done to the breast itself, as opposed to just behind the breast.   This could at least theoretically interfere with breast feeding.  On an optimistic note, a recent study of women who underwent breast REDUCTION (and this always involves cutting and reshaping of breast tissue as opposed to just skin) showed that a majority were able to breast feed when they tried. In the past, most plastic surgeons have told their patients that they would NOT be able to breast feed after breast reduction, and so they didn't bother to even try. I would definitely try if I were you.

Breast feeding and breast implants

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If you have been able to breast feed before having breast implants, there should be virtually no risk of breast implants on the ability to breast feed in the future. For those who have never been pregnant and have breast implants, the same story holds true.

Breast feeding with implants

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Mechanically, implants should not prevent breast feeding although the ability to do so is variable in women. I advise my patients that pregnancy and breast feeding can affect breast size and sagging so these are factors to be taken into consideration. The more weight you gain in pregnancy, the more likely that a revision or lift may be required.

Breast Feeing with Breast Implants

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Women undergoing breast augmentation have a very small risk of having difficulty breast feeding after having breast implants placed under the muscle. But not all women can breast feed.

When you consider the population as a whole, not all women can breast feed even if they have not had breast augmentation surgery.

When studies were performed on the effect of breast augmentation on breast feeding, over 90% of patients who breast fed their first child were able to breast feed their second child after breast implant surgery.

However, if you have never had children and have undergone breast augmentation, you may or may not be able to breast feed. This is not necessarily due to having the breast implants. It maybe that you maybe part of the population that are not able to breast feed regardless of the fact that you have breast implants.

If you are able to breast feed after breast augmentation surgery, you should strongly consider doing so as there are many benefits to your child and the implants do not pose any risk to you or your child.

Ankit Desai, MD
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

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