How Can I Breastfeed and Still Save my Implants? Can a happy medium be achieved here? If so, how?

I had 410 cohesive implants put in under the muscle, then got pregnant 2 months later. I nursed my daughter for 2yrs prior to my surgery, and that resulted in virtually NO breast tissue left over. (Both pregnancies caused no changes or damage to my breasts, it was the extensive breastfeeding that impacted them.) I LOVE having my implants now, and I don't want to ruin them! But I also don't want to deny my new baby the benefits of breast milk. Can a happy medium be achieved here? If so, how?

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Breast feeding and implants

The breast implants do not affect your breast tissue other than pushing what breast tissue you have up front.  The breast tissue still will be affected by the hormonal changes that would otherwise affect the breast; breast feeding, menapause, etc.  You should breast feed as you would have in the past and enjoy the benefits to mother and baby.

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Breast Feeding Safe with Silicone Implants

Congrats on the new baby. The short answer is yes, you should be able to breast feed and there is no risk your baby. It doesn't make any difference if your implants are above or below your muscle with regards to breast feeding. The incision site may make a difference
The incision site, specifically the periareolar incision may cause blocked milk ducts and decrease your ability to breast feed though in my experience most will still be able.

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Breastfeeding after implants--sure, go ahead!

Not only is breastfeeding after implants safe for your baby (congratulations on your new addition!), the changes to your breasts are  impossible to predict in advance. BUT, it is reasonable to postulate that since "most" of your present breast volume is implant and very little "you," most of your breasts (implants) will not change one iota with pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. Only the "you" part of your breasts will enlarge with breastfeeding, and there may be some additional skin stretching.

Depending on how much and where it occurs, possible outcomes range from slightly more breast sagging but still looking fine (no surgery), to enough skin stretch that larger implants would improve your appearance, to needing a breast lift (with or without implant size change as you wish).

You are wise to consider the health of you baby first, since your plastic surgeon can do whatever is necessary to restore your breasts to whatever look you wish to aim for! Only time and breast feeding changes can tell you what is necessary. Realize that limiting the time of breastfeeding or choosing to not breastfeed at all may still cause some changes in your breasts for which something (or nothing) may be necessary or desired. Good luck and best wishes!

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How Can I Breastfeed and Still Save my Implants?Answer:

Go ahead!!! I think you’ll do great! My guess is that since you really didn’t end up with much breast tissue left after your first pregnancy your breasts really won’t change much after this one and your under the muscle implants will be fine!!! In cases where women don’t start with very much natural tissue, their augmented breasts tend to not change much after pregnancy and breast feeding….

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Breast feeding after augmentation

you may do fine with breastfeeding:

  • breast change with pregnance
  • the may change with breast feeding
  • if you did well before ,  you may do fine after
  • decide which is most important
  • surgery can be redone
  • you cant go back and relive your babies first year

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Breast feeding won't impact your breast implants

Breast feeding will have no impact on the breast implants themselves - "only" your breasts. Because breast feeding is so important to you, go ahead and breast feed. Afterwards, you can assess your situation with regard to breast volume, skin quality and laxity. If need be, procedures can be performed subsequently that can help restore your breasts to a more desirable appearance.

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Breast Augmentation - How Can I Breastfeed and Still Save my Implants?

This shouldn't be a problem, particularly since you were able to breast feed during a previous pregnancy.  The majority of women who choose to breast feed after having breast implants are able to do so, and there is no evidence that it causes any harm, to either your baby or to your implants.  And if the implants are under the muscle then they are even farther away from any of the breast tissue than if they are subglandular.  So - go ahead and plan to breast feed worry-free if that's what you'd like to do - and it's certainly a wonderful thing to do for your child.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E


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Nursing and breast augmentation


Its a hard balance to achieve.  I recommend you focus on whats best for your child in terms of breast feeding and then reassess the need for revision breast surgery afterwards.  It may help if you maintain a balanced weight during this time to avoid additional stress to to your breast tissue and skin.

All the best,

Dr Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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Breast feeding and breast implants

Breast feeding does not directly affect the breast implants. The breast tissue that you have will go through a series of changes during pregnancy and breast feeding, including some gain in volume during, and some loss of volume afterwards. Many women remain happy with their implants after breast feeding. A smaller number of women may ask for a small uplift afterwards. But I agree with you, that the baby should not be deprived because of this possibility.

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Nursing and Breast Implants

Thank you for your question.

This is a very common concern of patients who have children after breast augmentation surgery.  The body will change with pregnancy and nursing and really there is not much you can do to prevent that.  Enjoy your baby and your time with your new baby and after everything settles down, you can assess if any type of revision will be necessary. 

I have had many patients who nursed after having breast implants and were pleased with their breasts afterwards.

I hope this helps.

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