Can I Breastfeed After a Tummy Tuck? 10 Months Post-baby and Nursing Twice Daily.

I'll have reached my goal weight come surgery and this is the only time I can do the surgery.

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Tummy Tuck and Breast Feeding

Just a little planning on your part and you should have no problem resuming breast feeding after your initial post operative period. Make sure you pump enough to feed your baby until you are off your pain medication. 

Also, remember post operative recovery from Tummy Tuck is a bit of a tough one. So make sure you have plenty of help with your little one.

All the best to you!

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Breastfeeding after tummy tuck

To continue breastfeeding after a tummy tuck, you need to pump your milk for a few weeks beforehand so that you have a mild bank that you can use to feed your baby during the immediate post-op period.  During the post-op period while you are on the pain medicine, you will continue to pump your milk so that your supply does not drop off but you will dump this milk to avoid exposing your baby to the narcotics.  Once you are off the pain medicine, you can then resume breast feeding as normal.  Great question!

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Can I Breastfeed After a Tummy Tuck? 10 Months Post-baby and Nursing Twice Daily.

With proper planning you can do this. You will have to store some breast milk for the immediate post-op period. Discuss with your pediatrician how many days mild production must be discarded based on the medicines you get during and after surgery. If the pediatrician can't give specific advice, try La Leche League. All the best. 

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Tummy tuck

As long as you have reached your post pregnancy goal and weight you should be OK to have the tummy tuck. You will not be able to breast feed if you are taking the narcotics for post operative pain control

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