I Have Had Implants For 2 years After Expanders, and Now Experiencing Pain. Why?

now i got my inplants after 2yrs right breast is hurting could of i hurtt i from lifting weights

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Breast Reconstruction

You may have stretched part of your pocket or muscle and caused a little trauma.  Have your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon examine you and determine if there is any damage.  You may need to rest for 7-10 days and take some Advil or aleve and decrease some of the inflammation.

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I Have Had Implants For 2 years After Expanders, and Now Experiencing Pain. Why?

As Dr Khoobehi states the most likely reason is capsular fibrosis. See your reconstructive surgeon ASAP. 

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Pain Two Years Following Breast Reconstruction With Expanders and Implants

Pain 2 years following a breast reconstruction with expanders and implants may be due to straining of the muscle after overuse.  If it associated with firmness and/or distortion of the breast, it may be due to a capsular contracture.  You should follow up with your plastic surgeon for an evaluation.

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You may have capsular contracture

You may have developed capsular contracrure. You need to see your plastic surgeon for evaluation and treatment.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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