After Breast Uplift, Will Breast Feeding Work? How Long To Wait Before Next Pregnancy?

I have just had a breast uplift 6 weeks ago. before the uplift i stopped breastfeeding my child (she was 2) three months before. Now, since the uplift i am healing well but curiously i can still squeeze out tiny droplets of milk. do you think this could mean that my chances of future breastfeeding are good? also, how long do you suggest waiting (considering the above) before i start to consider having another child? thanks

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Breast Lift and Pregnancy

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I would agree that you have a very high likelihood of being able to breast feed your next child. About the onlu maneuver that would prevent you from breast feeding would be removal of the nipple, as is occasionally done in large volume breast reductions. I would wait 3 months after surgery to allow the most aggressive time for scarring to have passed.

All About Breasts

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Thank you for your question. I have attached a 4 minute video, aired today, that summarizes many aspects of your question.

Click:  All About Breasts, Size, Surgery, and more..

I don't know for sure if you will or won't be able to breast feed.  It usually takes 3 months to be well healed from your surgery.  I don't think getting pregnant anytime after that would be harmful other than running the possibility of needing another lift after any future pregnancies.

For more specific questions, please follow up with your surgeon. I hope this helps

Breast feeding and breast lift

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It is hard to predict what a patient's breast feeding ability will be after a breast lift. This depends upon the technique used and the ability to breast feed before surgery.

Breast feeding after a breast lift

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Breast feeding is rarely a problem after breast lift surgery as the milk ducts to the nipples are almost always left intact.  It is OK now for you to consider having another child and you should be able to breast feed.  If you do not have another child and you continue to produce breast milk, you should talk with your internist or Ob-Gyn physician.

Breast Lifting and Breast Feeding?

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Thank you for the question. Congratulations on your recent surgery.

Based on your description  of your history  and your current situation( and the procedure performed)  I think there is an excellent chance  that you'll be able to breast-feed successfully.

As far as timing of the next pregnancy...This  personal  decision should be made based on your 'big picture plan" of raising a family. Unfortunately, you may find that the breasts will potentially change no matter when you have the pregnancy.

Best wishes.

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