Breast Uneven, Nipple Different Size, and Extra Skin Hanging Under Left Breast?

Had breast lift three weeks ago. My breasts are uneven level and I feel more lift could be given. The aerola is flat on one side and puffy small on other side. There is also extra skin sagging under breast. PS says it will reshape and lift over time. Will it or do I need to redo breast lift? Not very happy with my results so far.

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Concerns about Results of Breast Surgery...

Thank you for the question.

At this point, is much too early to evaluate the end results of the procedure. Hopefully, you have chosen your plastic surgeon carefully and have confidence in his/her counsel. I would suggest that you contend to follow-up with him/her, continue  to be patient, and communicate your questions/concerns with your surgeon.

 Best to evaluate the end results of surgeries closer to 6 months after it was performed.

Best wishes.

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Breast Uneven, Nipple Different Size, and Extra Skin Hanging Under Left Breast?

It is certainly true that at 3 weeks after surgery you are not looking at a final result, and that much is likely to change, hopefully all for the better. Continue to follow up with your surgeon for monitoring your course. 

Without photos, preferable current and before surgery, it is impossible for me to comment any further. Consider attaching some photos.

Thank you for your question. 

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