Breast Uneven 8 Months Post Breast Augmentation? (photo)

8 month ago i did breast augmentation with t incision of the incisions at the inverted T has opened much and struggled to close it.later my breasts appeared uneven one is doc said he will do revision 2 weeks ago i did it...but breasts still uneven pls tell me what is wrong?

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Breast Uneven 8 Months Post Breast Augmentation?

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Thanks for the question and for the attached photo.

What I cannot tell from this one photo is whether the  difference in the fold is new or was it present before surgery, and what was the situation after the first surgery.

Two weeks is too early to judge your outcome. The left fold does seem lower than the right. Some of that my be swelling, particularly if only the left one was operated at the revision. 

At any rate, keep up with follow up visits with your surgeon and with recommended post-op care and exercises as suggested by your surgeon.

Best wishes.


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