My Breast Look Uneven

I had breast augmentation three months ago. I had 410g put in my left and and 365g put in my right. My doctor said that they would look even because my right breast was larger than my left but now it looks the opposite way.

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Asymmetry of breasts

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All breasts are asymmetric but some or worse than others. Donot expect the two to be exactly the same after surgery. This is unrealistis, but if they are very different for whatever reason, a discussion with your doctor may help.

Breasts uneven before and after breast augmentation with implants

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There are numerous aspects to treating breast asymmetry and I have a 4 part video which discusses just a few of these issues.

Please submit pictures

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The final result of the breast augmentation will depend on the before surgery shape and size. If you had uneven breast before surgery, you will have uneven breast after breast augmentation. Implants will make your breast bigger ,but they can not even out the shape 100 %.

Please attach pictures to give you better answer. 

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