Breast Tissue Sagging Again Over Implants? (photo)

8 months ago I got a breast lift & 400ml, round, silicon implants. My natural breast tissue has began resagging over my implant. My doctor didnt tell me this would happen & never said i may require second surgery, hows now saying that i'll need another lift to remove 100ml + a 500ml implant to achieve the same size i am now. Hes offering me discounts but should he be covering the cost? or should i have to pay it all again. They cost $12,000 ! i'm not happy at all with them its not what i wanted!

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Breasts Sagging After Lift and Augmentation

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Hello. While the surgeon may be willing to help and cut their own rate, they are not obligated to do so. Even a simple surgical procedure has significant expenses due to the instruments, anesthesiologist, and nurse. For this reason you may be asked to cover the cost, but pricing is decided by your surgeon based on your individual case.


Jaime Perez, MD
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Breast Tissue Sagging Again Over #Implants? (photo) ANS:

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Your breasts are big and overall I don't think you look bad. I see what you are saying but it's not a bad result. However, you are not happy and now it's a question of how to get you what you wanted. How I do this in my practice is, if I really think it looks bad, I pay all costs to fix it. If it looks ok but not really what our goal was, then I don't charge for me and I split the other costs. If the patient looks great but not quite the right result, then I don't charge but they pay all other expenses, and if we hit our goal dead on and they look great but they just want something else shortly after surgery, then I discount my fee and they cover the other expenses.

John J. Corey, MD
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Breast Sagging After Breast Lift + Augmentation

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Without the benefit of a pre-op photo it is a bit difficult to determine exactly what you needed to achieve your goal.  Based on your photos, however, it does not appear that your breast tissue is sagging any more than would be expected once the selling has gone down.  Your breasts are sitting low on your chest which is not unusual in someone who began with large breasts and undergoes a lift with implants.  Your nipple-areolae appear centered nicely over your breasts.  

If your lower breast tissue was 'tucked' in a surgical manner this would make your breast appear less saggy and give you a bit more fullness on the top.  My guess is that you would be much happier if this were done.

Best of luck!!!!!!!!!



Louis DeLuca, MD
Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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