If I Get Breast Tissue Removed As a Cancer Preventative and then Augmentation How Will That Look?

I'm a 29 year old female who is extremely high risk for breast cancer. i.e mother and grandmother died of it at young ages. My doctor is recommending removal of breast tissue as a preventative measure. At the moment I'm an A cup but would like to go to a C. What is the end result likely to look like? how do they feel with the tissue removed? to they feel fake?

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Subcutaneous breast cripples

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Your idea has good logic, however this experiment has been done countless times in the 70's and 80's where women had "subcutaneous mastectomies" and implant reconstructions.  What they thought they were going to get was an elimination of their cancer risk and a cosmetic breast augmentation at the same time.  This was far from the actual result as the look was much worse than a cosmetic augment.  These were some very unahppy folks and became known as "subcu cripples."  I'd advise against this plan unless the cosmesis is not too important to you.

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