Can Breast Tissue Grow Back After 8 Yrs of Implants? (photo)

I am 34, i have had implants in since 2003. My original size before my first daughter was born (2002) was a 32C . After she was born I lost 96% of my breast tissue so I had implants. Up till now I was a 32d; even after my 18 month was born but just recently I got fitted for a bra and was measured 30 DDD. I have been having pain on the top part of my breast muscle from my pit to cleavage and I am wondering if tissue grows back causing my implant to be ‘pushed’ out of the way? Is this possible?

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Breast size after breast implants

Certanly there is not any removal of breast tissue with augmentation, though the tissue can be thinned and compressed. The breast will continue to change for some with age or weight gain and fatty infiltration of the breast will make the breast fuller for some. Though the breast is not thought to 'grow' it can fill out both with and after breast implants.

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Can Breast Tissue Grow Back After 8 Yrs of Implants?

The posted photo does not really help. But in general breast tissue can increase with weight gain. So I believe the extra weight you have gained has also gone to your breasts. 

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Breast Tissue Not Usually Removed With Augmentation

Your breast tissue did not "grow back" since it probably was never removed.  Breast tissue can increase or decrease in volume related to weight change, hormones, etc.  You are only talking about one cup size since a 30DDD is equal to a 32DD.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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