I Have Breast Tissue Under Each Arm and Want It Removed. What is the Cost in MN?

i have breast tissue under each arm and i want it removed. How much would i cost to have it removed in MN?

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Removal of ectopic breast tissue

Sometimes breast tissue can appear under the arms. Even though this is not generally a functional problem, removal of this tissue can be covered by your insurance company.  If it is just fatty tissue and not breast tissue, it may be possible to remove it with just liposuction which leaves minimal scars and the cost would be less as it could be done as an office procedure.

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Under Arm Fat vs Breast Tissue

Dear Kimmyf73,

The cost would depend on how extensive the surgery would be. In most cases this is very straight forward and would take about an hour for both sides. Costs would range from $2000-3500. I would need to perform a thorough exam to give you a more precise answer. Please call me at 763-545-0443 to set a complimentary consultation. I look forward to seeing you soon.


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