Is Breast Tightening After Physical Activity Normal 23 Days Post BA?

Hello, I am 23 days post BA, no lift, under the muscle, crease incision 335g silicone implants. My right breast (dominant side) tightens up and swells slightly on the upper area of the breast after physical activity. There is no discoloration at all, no pain, no fever. My surgeon said to monitor it and take Aleve, and use cold compresses for any pain. I am just wondering if this is normal, or if I should be making a trip to see him. I don't want to miss any possible complications! Thanks!

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Breast Tightening After Physical Activity Normal 23 Days Post BA

Thank you for the question, It is not uncommon in to have breast pain and slightly more swelling on the side of the dominant hand. However, I still think that you should address that question with your plastic surgeon. Also make sure you follow all the post operative instructions regarding activity, massage act.

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Breast swelling after physical activity

I think its quite common to go through what you have.However I will suggest not to be too rigorous with your physical activity.Activity in moderation is the best way.If your doctor has seen you already and says you are fine then you are fine.Just take it easy.

Breast swelling after activity

Swelling of the breasts with activity is normal early after surgery. But if it is really uncomfortable it should be evaluated to make sure it is not something more.

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Breast “Tightening” after Physical Activity Post Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

What you describe  may very well be “normal” for this stage in your recovery.  Make sure you are not overdoing the “physical activity”. Nothing beats in person physical examination to rule out complications.  If you continue to be concerned follow-up with your plastic surgeon in person.

Best wishes.

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