Breast Surgery. What Are My Options? (photo)

I have had children and breast fed was assessed by a surgeon in Nz who examined me personally and quoted me just for a breast augmentation not alot of change has taken place in regards to the state of my breasts but I opted for thailand as the procedure would cost less, now I have been quoted for a breast lift and augmentation in thailand. What are my options breast lift with fat deposit transfers, saline, what is the best incision implant or can I just go for a larger implant will that fix it?

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Breast Surgery. What Are My Options?

Without at least some photos it is not possible to answer your questions. I would caution against having surgery away from home, where if you need follow up or have problems you will have a tough time getting support.l

A breast lift is done typically for one of these reasons:

  • To reposition the nipples and areolae, either because they are too low, or because they are uneven.
  • To remove excess skin, usually after volume change.

An implant, or fat injection, can fill the extra skin to a point, but won't change the nipple/areolar position. 

I would recommend additional opinions since the ones you have are quite different.

Best wishes.


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Breast Surgery in Thailand

Based on the information you have given, and without seeing photos, I would seek additional opinions before having this surgery.  I would not let price dictate my choice.  There are reasons that some surgeons are less expensive than others.  You should research their training and board certification.  We always recommend that patients consult with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)  These high skilled surgeons are all over the world.  You may very well need a breast lift with your implants.  I do not recommend fat transfer to the breast.  It is in an experimental stage and not considered safe.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Without seeing you personally or at least seeing some picture it would be very hard to give accurate advice. In some patient’s you are able to do just an augmentation with saline or silicone that is your decision, just make sure you make an educated decision. Go to a website and read about the pros and cons to silicone and saline. A lift is required if your areolas are facing down or under your natural breast crease. Again without seeing you it’s hard to say whether you need one. The most popular incision in our practice is the areola because the skin there is thin and the scar can be more forgiving. Good luck and make an educated decision .



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Breast Enhancement Surgery

You have a borderline case, I would likely put the implants in around the areola than do a lift if you needed it at the time

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
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