Why Would my Breast Implant Fall Out?

Major breast surgery complication to the extent my implant fell out after the incision opened and a load of green gunk came out.

I have already had an implant removal due to an abscess on the same side and had to walk about for 6 months before the implant was replaced.

Now, 10 days after surgery it has happened again, only to a far more excessive state. Why? What could be wrong?

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Infection most likely

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It sounds like an infection to me.You likely need to let the wound heal completely waiting a few months before trying to have another operation. Also, were you having a really large implant placed? A look into what went wrong should predate another implant operation.

Best Regards and Good Luck.

Orange Plastic Surgeon

Sounds like a breast implant infection or healing problem

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I'm sorry you ahve had to go through this twice. I assure you it is almost as devastating to your plastic surgeon to have this happen. There should have been cultures taken to see what kind of bacteria caused the infection but you should also verify that you don't have a condition that could impair your bodies ability to heal such as undiagnosed diabetes. Discuss these concerns with you plastic surgeon. Good luck in the future.

Dr Edwards

You're having a problem healing

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Your issues have resulted from healing problems. Infection, poor quality breast tissue, smoking, certain medical disorders, and some medications can be to blame.

The best way to have an idea of why it happened in your case is to ask your surgeon. He or she will be able to provide you with the most accurate explanation.

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