Breast Sugery After Bi-lateral Lung Transplant?

I am woman who has undergone a bi-lateral lung transplant and after surgery the surgeon sewed 1 breast lower than the other. This problem has cause me a great deal of issues the akwardness of bras and clothing is embrassing as well as painful. I was wondering if I can have a surgery for this.

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

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Congrats on getting through such a big procedure, yes you can and deserve to have your breast optimized if you are healthy for surgery. See a local board certified plastic surgeon to discuss options

Risks of correcting scarred breasts after lung transplant surgery

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The risk of surgery are likely increased by the use of immunosuppressants and should be discussed in combination with your transplant surgeon and plastic surgeon.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Realigning the breasts after lung transplant surgery

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It is hard to say what would be the best approach to the problem without a face to face examination or photos. It sounds like you noticed this right after surgery which makes it more likely that the issue is related to the way tissues were aligned for suturing. If the problem develops sometime after surgery it is more likely due to scar tissue or the way you healed. Luckily the alignment is usually easier to fix than scarring created by your body. What is most likely required is redoing the incision and then realigning the tissues before resuturing. If the fold or crease under the breast was damaged that is more challenging but some improvement can usually be achieved by surgery to recreate the fold.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Breast revision surgery after lung surgery

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A bilateral lung transplant is no small surgery to recover from and you are no boubt on some form on immune supression therapy. I would personally be concerned placing breast implants because of the risk of infection but it is concievable some surgery may be able to help you gain some sense of symmetry. It is impossible to say without photgraphs or an exam but you would benefit from a consultation with a local board-certified plastic surgeon where they can examine you and make their recommendations.

I hope this helps

Dr Edwards

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