Breast Still too Large After Breast Reduction, What are my Options??

I posted before, but I have added some images, this time. I had a breast reduction about 4 months ago. prior to surgery i was a 32DDD Now I'm a 32 D almost DD. i asked to be a B/C. I think I'm still too large. i have heard about breast Liposuction but will this work after you have already had a reduction? if so will it make my breast saggy? My new breast have a great shape and have been lifted, but are still heavy and large. I just dont think enough was removed. Please give feedback. Thanks.

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Breast Reduction Results Too Large.

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Since you're only 4 months out of your surgery I would suggest allowing more time for the breasts  to take their final shape and size before making any decisions regarding further surgery.  At that point, if you still think you are too large then I think the only good option is to surgically remove more tissue (further breast reduction). Given that your original surgeon has done a very nice job for you I would continue follow-up with him/her and express your concerns. Proceeding with breast reduction revision with the same surgeon will help cut down risks that are associated with the procedure  (that have to do with blood supply and wound healing).

I hope this helps.

Feels that is still too large following a breast reduction 4 months ago

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Thanks for the photos. You have an excellent result with regard to configuration and other important issues associated with breast reduction surgery. The size issue is one that you can best answer based on your own desires. Clearly you are not massive. Still, if you want to go smaller, this can be done though it may not be worth the associated risks including effects on overall shape. Furthermore, this "revision" may not be covered by your insurance company.

Before even considering anything further, I would wait at least another 4 months to allow for much of the remaining swelling to resolve - then reassess the whole situation.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Cup Size after Breast Reduction

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It is difficult to predict an  exact cup size after breast reduction surgery.  Many patients present to my office for breast reduction claiming to be a particular cup size but in fact are probably much larger and don`t want to admit it.  After surgery, it is not unusual for these patients to end up smaller but still a D cup!

I would agree that , your surgeon provided you with a very nice shape.  Breast reduction with liposuction is possible in some cases but may have limited applications and although a secondary breast reduction is possible, you should probably  wait at least a year to consider this and proceed carefully as you seem to have a very nice result presently.  

Stephen Delia, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction is sculpting

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Your surgeon did a beautiful job for you and should be commended for this work.  You have excellent shape and symmetry and a size that is proportionate to your frame.  Over time as you mature they will shrink as long as your weight remains stable.  It is not possible to get a specific cup size and rarely would it be possible to go from a DDD to a B/C anyway without damaging you.  Lipo could make you saggy but re-doing the entire operation is no small thing.  Best to leave it alone for now I believe.

Post breast reduction size

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The result looks excellent. It looks proportional although you haven't provided height and weight information. Bra sizing is so variable (and I am informed that Victoria's Secret, in particular, sizes very small) that I would not get hung up on the sizing but focus on the result. Reoperation is always an option but I would suggest that you try to live with this a little lnger. Liposuction would, in my opinion, change the shape of the breasts and make them appear saggy.

Breast Still too Large After Breast Reduction, What are my Options??

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Looks like a great result. But the size is your issue. A reoperation is risky but can be done. Discuss with your surgeon. 

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