Could Breast Pain Be a Sign of Infection in my Implants?

My right breast starting hurting today. I have implants. Could I have an infection? I got saline implants in 1990. Only once, about 10 years ago did I think I had an infection. My breast was hard, hot and red. It went away in a few days without my seeing a Dr. The pain now is a little heaviness and sharp pains every now and then. It started all of a sudden today. their is also burning, along with the heaviness and sharp pain. It isn't constant, just every now and then.

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See your surgeon

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You should see your surgeon as soon as you can about this. It could be capsular contracture which could require medical attention. 

Breast pain 20 years after implants

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Breast pain can reflect many things including capsular contracture, infection in the implant cavity, infection elsewhere in the body, and is also a symptom of breast cancer. You should have this checked out as soon as possible by your plastic surgeon so that a differential diagnosis can be made.

Breast pain

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There can be many different causes of breast pain so late out. This can include a capsular contracture, irritation of nerves from the implant, infection , to name a few. Have your surgeon evaluate you.

Breast pain following augmentation with implants

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Breast pain could be an indication of many different condiitons including pregnancy, irritation from mechanical injury (traumatic or repetitive), capsular contracture, infection, etc. However, it is not commonly associated with infection as the presenting symptom.

Breast Pain COULD be a sign of Infection

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Breast Implant infection CAN be accompanied by pain, warmth or redness but it happen without any signs and symptoms. Unless we have a direct culture of the implant (requiring contact with the implant) which is uncommon, the great majority of breast infections are treated based on clinical suspicion. A preceding event of an infection elsewhere, such as a urinary infection, further raises the likelihood of a subsequent infection.

You should see your Plastic surgeon or a good infectious disease doctor to treat you prophylactically with a course of antibiotics and see how you respond.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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