Breast Sore with Sharp Pains 4months After BA?

Is it normal to have sharp pains on the inside and around breasts 4 months after surgery? Went from 30a to 32c high profile 280cc unders

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Sharp Pains After Breast Augmentation


Patients commonly report sharp, intermittent pains inside and around the breasts for weeks to several months following breast augmentation. This is likely nerve pain which should resolve with time. I would suggest following up with your plastic surgeon just to be sure.

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Pain after breast augmentation

Some patients experience shooting pains in their breasts for several months after breast augmentation. It is generally felt to be related to nerves that are re-gaining sensitivity signals. If there is no change over a few weeks, I would see your surgeon. A trial of an anti-inflammatory agent such as ibuprofen is reasonable if you do not have a medical contraindication.

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Sharp pain after breast augmentation

By four months things have usually healed.  Having sharp pain may be a muscular injury that will heal over time with rest and motrin but check with your PS and see. 

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