One Breast Looks Small Than the Other - Will They Even Out?

I am three weeks post op and not happy with the results. One looks smaller than the other. My right breast was small to start with and had a larger implant placed in the right to help correct this and now the left looks smaller. 265 in right and 234 in left. I had drain tubes and not much swelling. I hope they will even out.

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Wait 3-6 months to see final result.

Give it a good three to six months before your final result is revealed.  If your breasts still seem different in size, speak to your surgeon regarding a revision. 

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Breast asymmetry 3 weeks after surgery..

Pefection is elusive,learn to live with mild asymmetry of the breasts.
It is good to spare judgement for at least 6-10 weeks to allow the post inflammatory swelling to subside.

after that if it  still bothers you ,go for revisional surgery.

Erel Laufer, MD
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You had too much asymmetry before surgery

Implant augment ion can give your larger breasts ,but not to correct  big asymmetry. I would guess that you had not only size difference,but shape asymmetry before surgery. Your will need to have lift to correct the shape and nipple difference.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Breast asymmetry

You do still have some residual asymmetry but you need to leave things at least three months to settle before making any long-term decisions.  There will probably always be some differences between the two, but once the swelling settles and you have lived with them for a while, you may find the difference acceptable.

Breast Augmentation

Several factors may come into play regarding your asymmetry: are the implants the same size and projection, is the difference due to volume only, and where was the initial asymmetry in your breasts. It is not possible to make your breasts perfectly symmetric. 

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Breast augmentation

The asymmetry may be due to swelling, in which case it is too early to say.  You must wait a couple more months.  Also, despite the right side's being smaller than the left prior to the surgery, it may have been a different shape, in which case the implant may accentuate the difference.

Shahin Javaheri, MD
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Three Weeks Too Early To See Final Result

There is likely still some sweeling present since you are only 3 weeks post-op.  Since the 30cc difference in volumes is equal to only about 2 tablespoons and you had the greater volume in your smaller breast, it seems likely that the asymmetry visible now will improve with time.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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Breast asymmetry

I do see a volume difference between the two and this may even out with some time if it is due to swelling.  If not a revision will be needed.

Steven Wallach, MD
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One Breast Looks Small Than the Other - Will They Even Out?

Thanks for posting a frontal photo. Sorry but that is the result in my opinion. Additional surgery after 3 to 6 months to add more to the left or a new implant is required. Remember you will never obtain PERFECT symmetry. From MIAMI Dr. darryl j. Blinski

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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