What Causes Breast Skin to Itchy Like Crazy After Argumentation 5 Months Ago?

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Itching after Breast Augmentation

In my experience, the most common reason for itching is the return of nerve endings to the area.  Remember what it is like when your arm "falls asleep"?   That is cause of a stretch being placed on the nerve.  And when you wake up, at first the nerve is numb.  Then it feels like you have a red hot poker on the area, then it feels like you have bugs crawling on it (or some think it is itching), then it goes to normal.  This should be the last sign that the nerves are recovering and should be back to normal in a few months.  This is a relatively common side effect of putting in an implant.  Don't be afraid to go and check with your Board certified plastic surgeon for a physical exam however to be sure.  Good luck

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