Does Breast Size Change After Breast Feeding?

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Breast Size Change After Breast Feeding

Breast feeding will diminish the size of the breasts and typically develop laxity. Breast Augmentation (and perhaps a lift) are frequently sought after breast feeding. Consult with 3 experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons to understand your options.  

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Breast Feeding and Breast implants

Yes, your breasts do get smaller after breast feeding. I have noticed that they seem to shrink more after a second pregnancy. The nipple position may move lower, and the breast may sag more after pregnancy. Luckily, you can get your breasts back to pre-pregnancy size and shape with breast augmentation.

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Breast Feeding and Size Change

It is common for breasts to permanently decrease in size and develop some laxity after breast feeding. Sometimes, breast augmentation is the only solution to get the breasts back to the original size after nursing.
Thank you for your question.

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Change in breast size after breast feeding

Most women develop what we call post partum involution of the breast after breast feeding and pregnancy. Essentially after birth the breasts are engorged with milk. Once the feeding stops the breasts shrink and they appear smaller.

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Breast changes after nursing

Breasts changes can be unpredictable after pregnancy and nursing.  Some patients have noticed that these changes can also vary from one pregnancy to the next.  It is common for post partum atrophy (breast tissue shrinkage after pregnancy) to be related to how much nursing and milk is produced.  However, even that can be unpredictable and some babies don't like nursing!  Though some patients will want to wait until after having kids to have their breast surgery, most would like to proceed without considering having kids unless they are planning to be pregnant within a year.

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Does breast size change after breast feeding?

Thank you for you question - the short answer is that it is highly likely your breasts will change after breast feeding - whether they enlarge or reduce is impossible to say, but in all likelihood they will empty to a degree.

What is known as post-breast feeding involution occurs, whereby some of the fat and breast tissue shrinks down after breast feeding, leaving the breasts less firm and looser than beforehand.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to prevent these changes, but if it is a concern, there are a wide variety of things that can be done once you have finished breast feeding to restore your breasts.


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Breasts Change After Breasts Feeding?

Thank you for the question.
Yes, breasts do tend to change during  and after pregnancy. Often, patients will experience “involutional hypoplasia”;  a process where the breasts  becomes smaller in size.  Women also notice that the breasts may change in position on the chest wall ( “sag”). For this reason, when I see patients in consultation for breast surgery, I recommend that they postpone having the breast surgery, if they are planning on pregnancies in the near future.
I hope this helps.

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Change In Breast Size After Breast Feeding

Thank you for the question. During your pregnancy you will notice that your breasts will have increased in size. This growth is a hormonal response that causes an increase in the fat layer of the breasts, the number of milk glands, and the blood flow all in preparation for breastfeeding.  Your breast size will be determined by how much fat you deposit in your breasts and the fact that lactation will produce an increase of denser tissue in your breasts.

After breastfeeding the fat and ligaments of the breasts may change therefore your breasts may not go back to their previous size or shape. Some women will remain larger and others will become smaller. Whether you will become ptotic (droop) or remain full will be more of a direct result of your genetic predisposition, weight gain or loss during pregnancy, and the age at which you breastfeed.

Realize that these changes will occur regardless of your decision to breastfeed or not. I hope this helps.

Best of luck.

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Does Breast Size Change After Breast Feeding?

Often, yes it does. 

But breast size also changes after pregnancy even without nursing. When you consider the pros and cons of nursing, it would be a mistake to assume that if you don't nurse you will not have any breast changes. The overwhelming majority of women decide that the advantages to the infant's health outweigh the disadvantages.

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

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