Breast Saline Implants Possibly Leaking? Or Other Problem?

poss.. left saline leaking or another prob.. 8 years no prob...recently noticed, volume change on top left breast... soft,, drooping like a real breast.... two weeks now since the change.... any help would be appreciated.. no pain... notice rippling near the cleavage on left breast also side view tells it all.. not as much volume as right

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Breast implant Leaking?

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It sounds like your saline breast implant is leaking on the left side.  Sometimes the implant will fully deflate and then it is obviously smaller.  Other times I have seen the filling valve leak and the implant only partially deflates.  In either case, you should have a plastic surgeon examine your breasts and consider replacing the implants.  Within the first 10 years, the implant companies will usually cover some or all of the costs of the replacement.  There is no health risks in having a leaking saline implant, but I would recommend getting it checked soon. 

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Leaky saline breast implant

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You may have a leaking breast implant and with saline the noticable difference is change in volume and shap of the breast it may be rapid or slow over months. See your surgeon  for exam and possible correction. Should be covered by implant company.


Good luck !

Implant leak

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If your saline implant was leacking it will definitely deflate as compared to the opposite breast. Usually the replacement of this implant is covered by your implant company, but you should check with them.

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Implant leak

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It does sound like a leaking saline implant.  A leak can be gradual or sudden.  This can be determined by diagnostic testing as, occasionally, a leak is not corroborated by the appearance of lost volume.  Contact your plastic surgeon and have an examination.  There is no danger here but the implant should be replaced.

Leaking implant?

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It certainly sounds like a leaking saline implant. Sometimes the loss of volume can be gradual, but often it is lost quickly and there is no doubt. It is not dangerous, but here is no treatment other than to replace it. You can replace the one or both. If you want, you can also choose to change to gel implants. Check with your surgeon to discuss all of your options and ask if your implants are covered by a warranty.

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Breast Implants Leaking?

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Thank you for the question. Unfortunately there were no  pictures posted.

Based on your description of change in size and increase rippling,  it is very possible that  you are experiencing a saline breast implant leak or displacement.  I would suggest in person consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.

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