Breast Rupture After Augmentation 2.5 Months Ago? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation about 2 months and a half ago left under and right over the muscle to correct assymetry. Since last week my right breast has been hurting near the bone chest area also when I touch it it feels lumpy around the nipple I'm scare that it may be ruptured; the problem is that I had my surgery done in another country and I have called surgeons here in Orlando to see if I can get a check up with them but they say they can't because the surgery was not done with them

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Breast Rupture After Augmentation 2.5 Months Ago?

If the surgeons won't see you, your remaining option is to see your primary physician, who can order the appropriate imaging study. The MRI is the gold standard for diagnosis gel implant rupture, but if you get a mammogram that appears normal, the MRI might not be needed. If it is not ruptured, you can have one less thing to worry about. If it is, your primary might be able to arrange for a consultation. All the best. 

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Breast Rupture After Augmentation 2.5 Months Ago?

Here we go again! "OUT OF COUNTRY" surgery has a major issue of if the patient has even a minor issue post operatively who will render care here in USA? Most of us boarded PSs would but we charge a high up front fee to become involved. Because we are assuming your issue whether minor or severe. I recommend calling several boarded PSs in the Orlando/Winter Park area to be seen and offer to "PAY" prior to the visit. But back to your stated issue, it most likely is nothing but healing and scar formation but the possibility of sub acute infection exists. Again having "out of country" surgery or this "medical tourism" surgery has very high risks for obtaining at home good patient care. This seems to be happening daily here in MIAMI. PLEASE re consider the risk inherent to these decisions of leaving the country for poorly done and poor follow up cosmetic surgery! 

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The failure rate of breast implants in the first 10 years is only 2%.

The possibility, although it exists, of the failed implant to a half months is extremely remote. Breast pain can be due to many things unrelated to breast implants. Check with your surgeon.

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Breast implant rupture?

I assume you have silicone implants,  because if they were saline then the breast would be deflated.  You should find a doctor by your home.  If not have your internist send you for an MRI.  Good luck.

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