Breast Revision and Butt Implant Revision Together?

I'm having breast revision in 12 days because one is lower then the other ,but I had butt implants two years ago and want to go up in cc is it smart to do both at once and is the second surgery easier? Thank you

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You Should Probably Do Them Separately

You probably should undergo these two procedures separately primarily because of the recovery.  The post-operative recovery process will most likely be much more uncomfortable for you if undergoing these two procedures at one time, since you'll need to be cautious with your breasts and buttocks. Your movement will be severely limited. For example, you most likely will be instructed to not sit or lie on your back to allow your buttocks to heal properly, but these two positions are very comfortable when you're recovering from breast augmentation. As a result, you'll probably have to stay on your side most of the time.
While these two procedures can be done at the same time, I do not recommend it for the aforementioned reasons. However, speak to your surgeon to find out if it's suitable for you, since they'll have a better understanding of what you need done and what you'd like to achieve from surgery.

Finally, in general, YES, I find the second surgery to be easier in terms of recovery.

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Breast and buttock procedures

I am not a fan of combining procedures that require patients to be both prone and supine during the operation. In general, revisional surgery has an easier reuperation than the initial procedure but this is a generalization and I would not extrapolate this to a specific case without much more detailed knowledge.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Breast and buttock procedure timing

It is rarely a good idea to perform anterior(front) and posterior(back) procedures at the same time. Recovery period is difficult as well as restrictions in the operating to that will likely affect your result. Why take that risk?  Please discuss these concerns with your surgeon as they feel the risk is minor and worth taking. 

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