Had Third Breast Revision 2 Weeks Ago, My Right Breast is Numb All Over. Normal?

Two weeks ago, I had my third breast revision. The surgeon performed an open capsulectomy, placed an ACM on the lower part of my breast and performed a benelli lift as well. Now, my right breast is numb all over and my left breast is extra sensitive. Normal? Will I get my sensation back?

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SEE VIDEO BELOW: Third Breast lift (revision augmentation mastopexy) with loss of sensation

It is far too early to predict the final breast sensation. Clearly you have had a more extensive breast lift revision and have a complcated history. I would give it time in the range of 6 months.

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Breast numbness after revision

From your description you had a relatively extensive revision.  Yes, it may be normal to have some nipple and skin sensory changes in the immediate post operative period.  As swelling decreases most patients find that there sensory changes lessen.  You should continue to consult your physician as he/ she can assess your condition and assure that you are indeed following a normal post operative course.

Delio Ortegon, MD
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Senstivity changes after breast surgery

Msot sensory changes immediately after surgery is related to swelling. This usually gets better with time as the swelling dissipates. Hopefully this is the case for you.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Decreased Sensation After Surgery

It is not unusual to have some pretty severe nerve sensation changes after undergoing a major breast revision.  If you had a complete capsulectomy, replacement with ADM, and a lift, that is alot of work, both external and internally.  Those nerves get stretched and irritated, and can shut down for awhile. I would not worry at this point. It can take anywhere form 3 months - 2 years for nerve changes to fully come back to normal. I hope this helps.

Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD
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