Do You Recommend Changes After My Breast Implants Revision if One is Harder Than the Other? (photo)

I Had Breast Revision Done 3 Weeks Ago, I Had my Silicon 300cc Implants Taken Our and Replaced with Silicon 295cc, Id Had my previous implants in for 11 years and thought it was time for a change, my left was always harder than my right. My new ones dont seem right, my right is soft and my left is still harder, please look at my photos to see if you know what if anything could be wrong. I either think that my left pocket was never made big enough, and thats why these implants and previous ones feel hard, or my right is starting to bottom out, as you will see from my pictures they are different shapes. thank you.

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Implant Revision - Decrease Size

I agree with your opinion. It looks as though the left pocket, aside from being higher than the right, is also tighter. When we do an implant change, we always revise the pockets in an attempt to get them as symmetrical as possible.

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Asymmetry following implant revision

Thank you for the question and the photos. You are three weeks out from surgery and the shape and feel of both breast will change over the next three to six months. So my advice you now is wait, follow all the post operative instructions and address your concerns with your plastic surgeon.

Looking at the left photo, it does show bottoming out of the right breast implant. You have to wait few more months. Repair of bottoming out can be done with internal suture. Good luck.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
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