Breast Revision Done 3 Weeks Ago, Silicon Implants in for 12 Years, my Left One Had Gone Slightly Hard? (photo)

New silicon implants put in, above muscle, right one is really soft - feels a bit to soft., and left one is hard and tight, also has a nodule sticking out at the side under my armpit. Please can you look at my photos and let me know what you think, when I put my arms above my head they look so different. thank you.

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Left implant is hard 3 weeks after implant exchange

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Thank you for your question. The left photo does show that the left breast pocket is smaller than the right. There are several reasons for that, but you did not mention if there was asymmetry, was capsulectomy performed and was the same implants used. You need to address your concern with your plastic surgeon and follow his/her instructions. Messaging the breast,using the compression band and sports bra will help in keeping both breast soft.

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Implant assymetry.

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Thanks for your question.  I agree that you do have some positional assymetry based on your photos.  It appears that in your first photo (arms raised) that the inframammary fold position is lower on the right compared to the left.  You are early enough in the process of healing that massage, tape, bras may help to equalize the symmetry so they become much closer in appearance.  I would talk to your surgeon and see what they recommend along those lines.

Breast revision surgery

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There is definitely some asymmetry between the two breasts.  Whether this will get better or not will be determined over time.  Good luck.

Breast Revision Done 3 Weeks Ago, Silicon Implants in for 12 Years, my Left One Had Gone Slightly Hard?

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Thanks for the photos posted. Reason for the asymmetry so early after the exchange: 1. Poor pocket dissection, 2. Hematoma/seroma causing early fibrosis, 3. Sub acute infection, 4. any combination of these. Best to see your chosen surgeon ASAP. 

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