Breast Revision Lump, Small and Saggy? (photo)

I recently had a breast revision 3 weeks ago due to a deflated saline implant on my right side. Went with 510 Silicone (from 390 saline). I don't have a preop picture to show, but both sets of implants were placed under the muscle. My right side is still lower (by about 0.5") than my left breast. Right side is really lumpy and moves to the side when lying down. I see my PS on Monday, but I don't really know what to ask from him. Do I need another revision? I am 30, 5'6" 115lbs. Thanks :)

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3 weeks post-surgery it is still early to see final results. Everything should settle, you should check with your PS. In regards to sag it looks like you would have benefited from a moderate lift to help with the sag you’re describing.


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Breast Revision Lump, Small and Saggy?

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Great posted photos but need more input. As of now I might consider enriched fat grafts to the dented area. As for the later; "lumps" hard to advise over the net. Best in person second opinions. 

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Hello, my suggestions to you is to speak freely to your surgeon, and open up with all your concerns. You still in the recovery period, lots of things can be done conservatively like continue wearing the bra, certain massage, or any other advice he or she can advice you.

Good luck

Fatema S. Alsubhi, MD
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